high quality, fantistical tool, is popular for youngers: Hud Head Up Display-Bluetooth HUD H501

Hud Head Up Display-Bluetooth

Bluetooth HUD H501 is new product designed and produced by V-checker technology. It is a multi-functional blue-tooth obd 
hud devic, H501 can connect with phone app by blue-tooth to have all of its data displayed and stored on the phone, what’s more, This is a breakthrough of automotive products and makes H501 a combination of safety, high technology, convenience and beauty.


Bluetooth connection with phone app

Real time display vehicle performance: Speed, RPM, Coolant temperature, Battery voltage, Average speed, etc.

Multiple safe alarm: Vehicle failure warning, Over-speeding alarming, Coolant temperature alarming, Drowsy 
driving warning, abnormal voltage warning, etc.

Multiple security alarm: Read DTC, Clear DTC, Fault cause analysis, Maintenance advice, Background knowledge.


 display mode: Idle, Cruise, Information of this driving.

Multiple fuel consumption: Static instant fuel consumption(L/H),  Dynamic instant fuel consumption(L/100Km), 
Average consumption from cumulative total, etc

Real time display tire pressure: Monitoring tire pressure and temperature, alarming driver in case of abnormal 
(external or internal sensors).
Apply to all OBD compatible vehicles

l High brightness in display

skype: Daisy wu


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