Excellent supplier B341 / B342 Mini Car Trip Computer Scanner Obdii Via Bluetooth

Excellent supplier B341 / B342 Mini Car Trip         Computer Scanner Obdii Via Bluetooth

  • IOBD B341 module for android /B342 module for IOS suitable for all OBD standard cars by connecting B341 to your cellphone via Bluetooth:
  • email:daisy@autodiagtech.com

checker iOBD B341/B342 is a data processing module for smart phone. The basic functions are vehicle fault detection, clearing DTC, vehicle trip data statistics and analysis.It displays vehicle trip data such as: 
speed,coolant temperature, fuel consumption, RPM, throttle position, power load, ignition advance angle and so on by phone screen to performance its functions.

supportted vehecile:

All models support the OBD standard vehicles.

Multiple display mode: Idle, Cruise, Sport, Detail.
Real time display vehicle information: Speed, RPM, Instant fuel consumption, Intake air pressure, Acceleration, Coolant temperature, Battery voltage, etc.
Multiple security alarm: Trouble code, Coolant temperature, Fatigue driving, Over-speed, Shift reminding, Periodic maintenance tips, etc.  
Multiple fuel consumption: Static instant fuel consumption (L/H), Dynamic instant fuel consumption (L/100Km), Average consumption from cumulative total, etc.
Easy to install, plug and play!
Trip computer software, lifetime upgrade free.


   l Vehicle trouble code diagnostic, Read DTC, Clear DTCFault cause analysis, Maintenance      advice, Background knowledge.
  l Refuel Record, Maintenance Record, Repair Record, Toll Fee, Insurance, Vehicle Cost, Fuel        Analysis, etc.
   l Trip statistics and analyze.


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